the writing is in the sand

I would like to extend my blog space to anyone who would like to write on ethnicity, health, identity and society.   There are many dedicated people working on interesting projects with some great insights.  I invite you to share this space with me.  Please leave a comment and we can discuss how you can contribute, share and learn.  If you would like to contribute please send me an email or complete the contact form.  Thank you.

Graham Candy

Graham Candy is a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Toronto. His research interests include game studies, internet infrastructures as well as networked publics. A central focus of his research is China, where a massive growth of Internet and Communication Technologies (ICTs) use coincides with rapid social-economic change and government regulation. He is also keen on developing and adapting current anthropological methods to study these emergent issues. If you are interested in collaborative work on any of these topics you can contact Graham through his Anthropology and Technology website.

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