Perhaps the most important study of our generation…

well think again, if you're outside of Ireland!

Does Guinness Travel Well? is perhaps one of the most important scientific questions of our generation.  My friend, and first author, Daniel Kotz and his expert colleagues have recently published this study, proving scientifically that Guinness, in fact, tastes far superior in Ireland than elsewhere.  I am, of course, in the process of writing a grant to secure funding so that I can be part of his next research expedition.  See below for abstract, and click here for link to paper.

Authors: Daniel Kotz, Liam G. Glynn, Christian D. Mallen, Jochen W.L. Cals

Keywords: beer; Guinness; international survey tasting

Abstract: This study aimed to test the much-pronounced but poorly supported theory that “Guinness does not travel well.” A total of 4 researchers from 4 different countries of origin traveled around the world for 12 mo to collect data on the enjoyment of Guinness and related factors. The main outcome was measured on a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) from 0 (enjoyed it not at all) to 100 (enjoyed it very much). A total of 103 tastings were recorded (42 in Ireland, 61 elsewhere) in 71 different pubs spread over 33 cities and 14 countries. The enjoyment of Guinness consumed in Ireland was rated higher (74 mm VAS) than outside Ireland (57 mm; P < 0.001). This difference remained statistically significant after adjusting for researcher, pub ambience, Guinness appearance, and the sensory measures mouthfeel, flavor, and aftertaste. This study is the first to provide scientific evidence that Guinness does not travel well and that the enjoyment of Guinness (for our group of nonexpert tasters) was higher when in Ireland. Results, however, are subject to further verification because of limitations in the study design.


Kotz et al 2011.  Does Guinness travel well?  Journal of Food Science, 76(2):S121-S125




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