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tenuous tenure

Some interesting insights into the world of tenure track professorships (otherwise known as the pie in the sky for most Ph.D. candidates). 1. American Federation of Teacher’s 2009 publication American Academic: The State of the Higher Education Workforce 1997-2007 Highlight: … Continue reading

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smokers need not apply

Today, the New York Times is reporting that more and more hospitals in the US are using a potential employee’s smoking status as a screening tool.  This is clearly bad news for unemployed smokers looking for work in the health … Continue reading

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The buzz…

… these days is around young scientists who ask tough questions and come up with intelligent studies.   It’s also much cuter when they are between 8-10 years old, experimenting on bees, and publishing in major journals.  Read about the Blackawton … Continue reading

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In/visible Race

“What does this tell you?” is the question posed by one multi-racial/ethnic student in the recent New York Times article, when confronted with surveys attempting to gauge her race. This is an important question that perhaps go neglected when we … Continue reading

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multiculturalism according to David Cameron

David Cameron has been making some incendiary comments on multiculturalism.  Cameron defines “state multiculturalism” as “the idea that we should respect different cultures within Britain to the point of allowing them – indeed encouraging them – to live separate lives, … Continue reading

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New York, New York – banning smoking, everywhere

The smoking ban in New York City, originally implemented between 2002 and 2003 (the Smoke Free Air Act) prohibited smoking in indoor workplaces, including restaurants and bars, will now be extended to parks, beaches and Times Square.   Given its low … Continue reading

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Mixed race, mixed feelings

Recent article from New York Times reporting on students discussing what it means to be mixed-race.  The article presents the now familiar two sides of a continuing exchange: a desire for recognition of a mixed-race identity, and a desire for … Continue reading

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