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a genetic link to smoking addiction and cessation

As an alumni of the University of Toronto, I am often sent their newsletters updating me on the latest research offerings.  This month they report on a new study led by Professor Rachel Tyndale at U of T, which looks … Continue reading

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One of the most thought provoking papers I’ve read in a while is one by Steven Epstein (2008), which explores how policies which mandate inclusion, for example the National Institute for Health guidelines for the inclusion of women and minorities, … Continue reading

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“exergaming” at the intersection of health and technology

We came across this story on “exergaming” on the BBC a few days ago and thought we could both contribute something from our respective disciplines.  This new study is an EPSRC funded project called “Development and evaluation of an ‘exergaming’ … Continue reading

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ethnicity and health resources

My first foray into the world of race and ethnicity was through this website called racialicious.  They report on issues of race and ethnicity from a pop culture perspective and provide interesting exposés on topics such as magazines lightening the … Continue reading

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The impact of ethnicity on asthma care

Ethnic considerations in asthma diagnosis and care are quite complex.  We are still unclear as to the relative contribution of environment and genes leading to episodes of asthma or wheeze; however, we do know that ethnic minority groups experience disproportionate … Continue reading

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Rape test in India

I came across this news story on the British Medical Journal website the other day.   I’ve never heard of this practice before, but it would be difficult to argue against this invasive and inappropriate examination method.  In India, women who … Continue reading

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speaking two languages is good for the brain

I came across this 2007 article on bilingualism and dementia through something I was reading on the New York Times website.  A Canadian research team based at York University, University of Toronto and Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest have concluded … Continue reading

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