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Neighbourhood watch foot patrol, I mean, food patrol

I’m watching you…eat that Twinkie. This story really has to be perceived as the final straw in the fight against childhood obesity.  In getting kids to stop purchasing cheap candy (and cheap thrills from the sound of it), concerned parents … Continue reading

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Call for papers: Challenges of changing health behaviours

There’s a call for papers for a special issue of Social Science & Medicine journal on challenges of changing health behaviours if anyone is interested.  Please see their website for submission instructions.  Deadline for submission is 28th February 2011. From … Continue reading

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carrots, sticks and sermons for the prevention of childhood obesity

I made a post a few weeks ago about the proposed ban on sugary drinks for food stamp users in New York City.  The British Medical Journal has also picked up on this story, and whilst not providing any more … Continue reading

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Ethnicity and Health Conference Alert

The 2011 RACIAL AND ETHNIC APPROACHES TO COMMUNITY HEALTH CONFERENCE is right up my alley.   The conference is being hosted by REACH U.S. -California & Beyond Planning Committee.  If you don’t know about REACH, it’s an initiative set up by … Continue reading

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Reading list update

I have been a bit busy lately with applications but I wanted to quickly update the reference list: Ethnicity, Culture and Health Afshari R, Bhopal RS. 2010.  Ethnicity has overtaken race in medical science: MEDLINE-based comparison of trends in the … Continue reading

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Weight Watchers in China

I am bemused by this article (“Weight Watchers adapts points systems to China as it seeks growth, CEO says”) I came across regarding the expansion of Weight Watchers into China.  First, the difference two decades can make is incredible – … Continue reading


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Weighing in on a proposed soda ban for food stamp users

This article was posted on the New York Times website today and it deals with all the complexities involved in tackling the “obesity epidemic”.  In summary, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seeking to ban the use of food stamps for … Continue reading

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One of the most thought provoking papers I’ve read in a while is one by Steven Epstein (2008), which explores how policies which mandate inclusion, for example the National Institute for Health guidelines for the inclusion of women and minorities, … Continue reading

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“exergaming” at the intersection of health and technology

We came across this story on “exergaming” on the BBC a few days ago and thought we could both contribute something from our respective disciplines.  This new study is an EPSRC funded project called “Development and evaluation of an ‘exergaming’ … Continue reading

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ethnicity and health resources

My first foray into the world of race and ethnicity was through this website called racialicious.  They report on issues of race and ethnicity from a pop culture perspective and provide interesting exposés on topics such as magazines lightening the … Continue reading

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